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    Product #: ST7

    Our ST7 door holder is always in stock. We have a wide range of door holders, please contact us at for more information.
    • For interior, exterior and vestibule doors
    • Easily installed on any door
    • Superior new design and performance
    • Extruded brass channel
    • Hold open bracket of hardened steel
    • Arms and jamb bracket available in brass or steel
    • Absorbs heavy traffic punishment, powerful heavy tempered steel shock absorber (approximately 9°)
    • Fingertip hold-open control
    • Appropriate screws and sex bolts furnished
    • Meets Federal specifications
    • Compatible with most closers (request details)
    • Combined with floor closer, offers total door control
    • FINISH: 15
    • Model number
    • Door width and thickness
    • Mounting type (butts, pivots or center hung door)
    • Type of closer or other hardware
    • Opening degree
    • Fastening
  • Our ST8 Heavy Duty Door Holder is a limited quantity factory special, get yours now while supplies last!

    PRICE: $95.00

    • Heavy-duty
    • Interior or exterior doors
    • Doors are single acting
    • Non-handed
    • Slide track design
    • Recommended for high traffic, heavy abuse installations
    • Heavy shock absorber spring provides 5-7° compression before deadstop
    • LS option omits spring for special application
    • On/off knob on hold open models
    • Stop, friction stay or hold open function
    • Complete screw packet with thru-bolts for door, wood and machine screws for frame
    • Torx® screws optional for security applications
    • Durable slider cam and shock block
    • 110° maximum opening
    • 1-3/4" minimum door thickness
    • 1-3/16" square channel
    • Stop function UL listed for fire door assemblies
    • For pull side mounting or flush mounting on push side or for rabbeted push side use angle jamb bracket adapter 5458-LH or 5459-RH
    • Hanging means other than standard butts or offset pivots require special templating and pricing. Consult factory
    1 Pcs.
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